Engagement Ring Styles

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What’s her style? Is she classic? Unique? Inspired by vintage details, or modern chic? Whichever ring you choose, it’s setting should reflect her personal image, attitude and beauty.

The ring’s setting will also determine to some extent the kind of diamonds you will need to buy, and therefore should be the first decision you make in the process of selecting an engagement ring.

The solitaire
A ring with a single stone, lifted by multiple prongs and set in precious metals.

A timeless classic that defines elegance. Without any distractions, this style was designed to give your chosen solitary diamond centre stage, allowing for its brilliance to be truly admired and adored.

The three-stone or Trilogy Ring

An additional diamond set on either side of the centre stone.

Most recently popularised by Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, the trilogy ring is the perfect choice for couples looking for an engagement ring with a deeper meaning and symbolism. The three stones that make up the ring represent the past, present and future love that you share for each other, telling the story of your journey together.

The Trilogy is an increasingly popular choice, however, can still be designed with your own personal touch by adding coloured stones to sit alongside the larger centre stone.

Side Stones

Multiple smaller diamonds set into the band on either side of the centre stone.

Give your ring that extra sparkle with the addition of side stones to create a brilliant accent for your centre diamond. Sidestones come in a range of styles, including bold sized stones, to a trail of delicate pavé diamonds, and unique graduated or tapered baguettes.

Be sure to keep your side diamonds of a similar quality to your centre stone to ensure consistent colour and sparkle.

The Halo


Features a trail of pave diamonds encircling the centre stone traditionally in a circle or square shape depending on the diamond shape.

Whatever diamond shape you choose, these pavé stones will add to the total carat of your centre stone making it appear larger and accentuate its brilliance. With the additional option of adding side stones along the band will draw everyone in the rooms gazes with its eye-catching size and sparkle.

Vintage Engagement Rings


Vintage engagement rings come in a plethora of shapes or styles Inspired by decades past filled with intricacies and styles of yesteryear.

Showcasing delicate features with beaded-edges, milgrain and hand engraved details, often featuring petite pavé diamonds. Whether an engraved trilogy ring or a richly accented twisted band, each vintage style engagement ring is handcrafted to last a lifetime.

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