Buy diamond jewellery directly from factories at up to 50% less

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In any product type or industry, if you can cut out the middleman and purchase directly from the manufacturer you will do so paying substantially reduced prices. This is due to not having to pay the middleman’s added mark-up, where they double, often triple the price they pay from the manufacturer and pass it onto you at retail.

Below is an example of the traditional trade flow of diamond jewellery, where the retailer will buy their stock from wholesalers like Aurorastone and more than double the price before selling it onto you.


…and below showing what it would look like if you were able to buy directly from a factory, taking the middle-man out of the equation, paying the exact same prices retailers do.


Besides irresistible deals, there are a few more benefits to note when buying directly from factories.

Factories stock a much larger range of products than retailers, who tend to pick just a few out of a factory’s larger range to sell themselves. Not only does this give you more options to choose from, but you can expect impartial advice on your purchase as there is no need for them to try hard-sell any particular item to you, as opposed to retailers whose recommendations will be biased based on what they currently have stocked.

Custom bespoke pieces – Factories are the makers and experts of their products, therefore if you are looking for a very particular design, only they can make it from scratch according to your exact requirements. One-of-a-kind masterpieces made just for you.

You may ask, well why then doesn’t everyone just buy everything from factories at wholesale prices?

There are a few reasons but the main being that due to the small profit margins made per individual item sold at wholesale price, it is simply not worth their while to sell directly to the public and they therefore only sell to retailers in bulk. However, with diamonds, this is not necessarily the case. Due to the very high value of diamonds, certain factories are willing to sell one-unit orders directly to you at wholesale price, saving you generally around 40% on retail and thousands of pounds.

That being said, even if they are willing to sell to you directly, generally you will only be able to purchase it online without any visits to view your product firsthand, and with their zero returns policies, this can be all too risky.

At Aurorastone however, we invite all our customers into our North London Factory for an appointment to view their jewellery or select the diamonds to be used in their custom bespoke masterpieces.

Offering specialist advise our third generation of master craftsman, hallmarked for producing only the finest certified diamond jewellery since 1950 will ensure you receive no more than pure excellence and the jewel of your dreams.

Quality Diamonds are nature’s most beautiful creations, a beauty that we believe should not just be admired, but enjoyed and afforded by all.

If you would like to hear more about our services or get a commitment-free quote, please do get in touch at or visit us at

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