• £1,900.00

Note on pricing
Every aurorastone diamond is uniquely priced as a result of their individual characteristics (carat, cut, colour and clarity). Prices given are the starting price of each carat weight. Our consultants would be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect diamond to meet your budget.

Ring description and certification
Captivating and lustrous, the thread pavé of the Aurorastone Couture collection delicately lines and enhances the precious metals with wondrous light and sparkle.

Cannel set with 21 peerless princess cut diamonds, the Auroarstone Princess Crown radiates stunning colour and endless light.

A wide selection of colour and clarity grades is available for viewings.

All jewellery comes with 3rd party diamond certification and assay office hallmarking.

Available for pick up or fully insured postal delivery in four to five week delivery time.